Yesterday, something unusual happened… and I feel like sharing my thoughts. It’s about INTEGRITY, in which, this is so important when it comes to business — or I should say, this is extremely important when it comes to human values. What is INTEGRITY? The simplest answers from the dictionary will be around honesty, being ethical … [Read more…]


When a person is happy, this person is already successful. WHY? How many of you want to work with happy people? But, how to be happy? Most people will ‘try’ to find out their weaknesses and polish them so that they can be perfect! In fact, what we have to do is to understand that … [Read more…]


It is very easy to ask other people to FOCUS! And when it’s our turn to FOCUS, and when we just have too many things to do at one GO – we are the one who is struggling to FOCUS. Looking at the tasks we have in hands, before making decisions – we have to … [Read more…]


Being a people-oriented person, I always believe in treating others well.  When you just started a business – you probably do things alone… as you grow and when you expand your business; you will probably have a team of people working with you. In general, your staff spend an average of between 4 – 10 hours at work.  That’s a … [Read more…]


Recently, I have a friend who asked me WHY I turn my clients into ‘real friends’.  The reason is simple – I want to see people grow in both areas – Personal and Business/Career.  Personally, I am not keen to create a “client-coach” relationship and … to “END” the relationship after the contract ends.  Therefore, I care about those … [Read more…]


Most of my friends knew that I have just completed my book.  I have a story to share… I always wanted to write a book; I love sharing.  It’s my passion! Some of you who has visited my website or blog… you may already knew that I have written hundreds of articles. The problem with writing a … [Read more…]

Did you just say “GOOD JOB”?

Everyone likes to hear “good job”; means you’ve done something ‘good’ and someone is noticing it! Giving appropriate feedback is essential to motivate another person or a team.  It is human nature that when we received compliments, we tend to do better and better.  Just like kids, if you tell them, “Good boy”… “Wow, awesome … [Read more…]

3 things Entrepreneurs MUST NOT DO

1 – Compare with others Being an entrepreneur, means you are unique.  Most of us have competition; either we are selling the same products, providing the similar type of services… but that doesn’t mean that we are 100% the same.  It’s not about the product/service that we sell; it’s about US!  Means, it’s about YOU! … [Read more…]

First Impression and YOU!

First Impression is extremely important, especially if you are in business. It takes only seconds for a stranger to decide whether you can be trusted or you are the right person they are meeting. You will gain respect if you managed to project yourself ‘right’ at first. There are a few things that we have … [Read more…]

How to Start a Business with Minimum Capital

Most people think that they must have a lot of money to start a business. Not everyone has big savings to invest in their new businesses. Some may have limited budget to start a business, therefore, most of them will just ‘postpone’ their plans. Lately, I have been getting questions from people around me on … [Read more…]