Written Testimonial 1

I still remember that before I work with Khing, I was very lost and had no business direction.  I felt very isolated and depressed due to lack of support in my business. 

One day, I decided to look for a business coach but at the same time I felt very scared because in my opinion, business coaching is a very expensive investment.  Therefore, I must ensure that I work with a business coach that I can resonate with.

I Googled and saw a few options.  I clicked on www.khingwong.com.  I read a few of her articles and I emailed her immediately.

To my surprise, she called personally and we talked over the phone for about an hour.  We then met up and she taught me how to re-structure my business on-the-spot.  I was surprised again that she wrote down everything for me.  We established trust and I immediately engaged her as my business coach.

Khing is very approachable, supportive, awesome and down-to- earth.  We have turned our relationship into friendship, instead of just a ”coach and client” relationship. 

At first, I thought that she would just teach me the Business System – but she taught me so much more.  Can you imagine that she also teaches me about Facebook marketing, How to write a book, Money Management, Little Voice Mastery, Code of Honour – all I can say is that she is very dedicated and care a lot about her clients.  She is very professional, details oriented;  she really adds massive value in her teachings. 

From the Business System, I know the step-by-step and what to do first and next in my business.  I no longer have to worry about the structure of a business.  It also enhanced my insights and creativity when it comes to business. 

For me, working with Khing is very different.  She has helped me in both personal and business development.  She is passionate about what she does and she continues to support me until today.  Thus, I consider myself very lucky to have found her. 

For those of you who wonder whether you should get a Business Coach; I strongly recommend you to work with Khing Wong.  You will definitely agree with me when you see her. 

 Erina Ng – Business Owner of multiple online products


Written Testimonial 2

I know Khing Wong more than a year ago as friends.  We have met in few occasions and there was one time we had an opportunity to work together in a Marketing and Branding project as a team.  To my surprise, she’s very creative and her ideas are really fun!  She made our entire project a success and we get a lot of praises too.  From there, I engaged her again to look into my other businesses.  To be honest, I was stuck in my business for many years – no improvement, no direction and unsure of what to do. 

Within 6 months of her coaching and guidance, my revenue shot up to 300%; she showed me simple techniques and processes that were created to stream-line the customers’ communication systems.  Khing’s coaching methods are very unique and practical; that had eased the communication between my staff and our clients.  Khing always over-delivers and she’s creative in solving problems that crop up in our organization.  Our staff are very happy and receptive with her simplicity in teaching and I would recommend her to anyone who would like to engage a business coach to bring their businesses to another level. 

Wan KM – CEO of Wealth Creators