You want to handle all objections, don’t you?

You want to close more sales, don’t you?

You want to know how to respond when your customers ask you challenging questions, don’t you?

Here are some common ‘Reasons not to buy’:-

  1. Expensive!

  2. I don’t have time.

  3. I don’t like sales.

  4. I am not ready for it.

  5. I am not interested.

  6. I am not sure if you are qualify.

  7. What if I don’t get results?

  8. What if your system don’t work?

  9. Do you have guarantee?

  10. The online articles say that your product don’t work.

  11. You are too young to talk to me.

  12. You don’t understand my business.

and the list goes on…

It’s not HOW they challenge you, it’s how you respond…

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