Have you heard that everyone is a leader?

It’s not necessary for us to be a manager or a business owner in order to be a leader. We lead our lives differently. At work, we have to manage our own tasks; therefore we are a leader. Most people would think that leaders are of high positions and must be experienced enough to lead.

This short article is about spotting the leader, these tips are for you to enhance yourself, as a leader; whether you are at work or at home.

1 – High Energy

Everything we do requires energy. Great leaders are people who are very upbeat because they want to do the best. They don’t ‘count’ on petty issues, they make quick decisions and move on.

2 – Focused

In life, we are overwhelmed with things to do. Everyone has the same 24 hours. Focus on what needs to be done, what decisions need to be made and eliminate time suckers. Spend more time looking at important tasks and do less of unproductive stuff, such as gossiping.

3 – Great Listener

Leaders don’t need to talk most of the time. Listen. Pay attention to other things. Pay attention to other people’s ideas. Allow others to contribute and input your suggestions, when opportunity arises.

4 – Learn continuously

People who wants to improve themselves always learn. If you want to be a greater leader, you must be willing to learn and grow. Share what you have learnt with others too.

5 – Risk taker

Accepting responsibilities consider as putting yourself into risks. Take calculated risks. Do not be afraid to do new things, risks can be managed if you know how to get the necessary information, who to seek help from and who to turn to when challenges arise. Control your fear and you will be in control of things.

6 – Good Stress Manager

A leader who can remain cool under stress is amazing. Challenges are everywhere, no one could escape. When problems come, stay calm, look at the alternative solutions, talk to people, get some ideas and move on.

7 – Humble

People who are humble are likeable. Being humble is one of the most admired qualities of being a leader. A humble leader is someone who is approachable and this will keep others feel ‘secured’ working with you.