MENTORING is the Key Element in Developing People

Mentoring maybe very new or something that you have heard of, however, not many understand the importance of it. It’s not about giving instructions, I consider it as a motivational process between the mentor and the mentee. It’s just like a parent holding the hand of the child and move together to a destination. In the business environment, mentoring has become an essential leadership skill whereby it helps others to learn, grown and execute with excellence in the tasks that they do.


Mentoring is a very rewarding experience personally and professionally. The mentee will learn new insights, new ways of thinking, gain unique experiences and even enhance personal development throughout the mentoring process.



Anyone can be a mentor; however, obviously, not everyone is ready to mentor someone. Let me share with you why. You have to ask yourselves, a few simple questions as below:-


Are you willing to share your experience and expertise with others?


  • Do you think you can motivate and inspire someone and walk with him/her until the specific goals are achieved?

  • Are you comfortable in giving advice and continuous support throughout the mentorship?

  • Would you like to learn and grow together with your mentee?

  • Who do you wish to mentor? Someone in the same field or someone from a different field?

  • Will you be able to allocate time for the mentoring sessions as and when required?

All these questions are just basic assessments for becoming a mentor. There are more to consider when you are mentoring someone.



Commitment of duration

  • How long is the mentorship?

  • What is the best day/time to meet?

Communication method

  • Face to face?

  • Skype calls for locations challenge?

  • Emails and phone messages (such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line)

Experience and expertise

  • Sharing of both personal and professional experiences;

  • What other knowledge you can share with your mentee;

  • Are you able to enhance the skills of your mentee?


  • Is there any agreement (e.g. verbal or written) of certain confidentiality of the mentorship?

  • Do you want to limit the topics to be discussed, etc.

There are more things to be considered when a mentorship is established. Do not limit to the above points, you may enhance the expectations to meet the desired results.

How to create a long term relationship between the mentor and the mentee

The mentor and mentee must sit down and discuss about what are the desired goals, whether it’s personal or professional upon the mentorship establishment. Mentorship can be casual and can be very professional, depends on the style of the mentor.

There must be limits set of what a mentor can do and cannot do to the mentee; for example a mentor must not ask too much of irrelevant questions that will not contribute to the mentoring process.

A mentor with right mindset will be able to drive the mentee to the right direction and that would create a fruitful relationship.

In general, mentor has to be control of all mentoring sessions, ensuring that the sessions are well managed; hitting the right strategies, and allow new ideas at all times. Should there be anything that’s beyond the mentor’s skills and abilities; the mentor may find out new perspectives from other experts or refer the mentee to someone who is a professional in that particular area.

Mentor plays an important role as an adviser and as a friend to the mentee. The mentor has to be always ready to assist the mentee in handling all issues raised by the mentee. It’s essential for the mentor to have certain problem solving and negotiation skills in handling the mentee’s performances.

Mentorship is a very fruitful experience. Mentees will develop leadership, communication, negotiation skills, as well as personal development tips.

Personally, I have great mentors. I find that mentorship has enhanced my life in all areas. I used to stuck in comfort zone and when I was pushed by my mentor to do certain things that I have never thought I could do before; WOW, the results are astonishing! I love my mentors! They are really professional and they know ‘what they are doing’ with ME! They have helped me to identify the authentic ME and furnished me with a lot of useful techniques so that I could help others to achieve their goals too!

As a mentor, you will be very happy when your mentees are achieving the results, and you will be extremely satisfied when you see your mentees grow and exceed your expectations!


Happy Mentoring!