Everyone is a leader, aren’t we?


First, we must be able to lead ourselves, aren’t we?


We should encourage people around us to unleash their potential, aren’t we?


I have created some declarations to share with you.


  • I am a visionary leader

  • I love to serve

  • I share my mission and vision with others

  • I add massive values to others

  • I am calm when I am under pressure

  • I settle for excellence

  • I allow mistakes and I learn from them

  • I am optimistic

  • I encourage others to shine

  • I allow crazy ideas

  • I manage resources effectively

  • I look for alternatives to solve problems

  • I build a championship team and strive for great results

  • I complete what I start

  • I Walk the Talk

  • I celebrate all wins

  • I acknowledge and thank my team for their contributions

  • I empower people around me

  • I take constructive feedback and improve accordingly

  • I am a Visionary Leader

Special to Clinton Swaine for the declarations and I have learnt so much from him.  I created the above based on his teachings because I am Visionary Leader.