Personally, I enjoy the process of mentoring, whether I work with my mentor or my mentees. Isn’t it great to have mentors who can guide you to achieve your goals? It’s also a wonderful experience working with my mentees, in helping them to realize their dreams and accomplish their goals.


In fact, most of the people want to advance themselves, but often they are still in their comfort zones because it’s challenging to break the pattern. It’s insanity to do the same things every day and expecting different results.


Many years back, although I have been giving lots of advice and connected very well with the people who work with me; however, I didn’t notice that I was actually playing a role as a mentor too. Maybe I was unsure of the skills required and the steps on “How to be a mentor?”, so, I just keep sharing my experiences without realizing that those sharing works!


Mentoring is a Valuable Partnership that makes things easier. Don’t you think that it’s better for 2 people to work together in achieving certain goals instead of you doing it all by yourself?


I used to be very skeptical when it comes to asking for help, as I said, “I used to be”. As time passes, not only I realized the importance of having mentors and I have started to love being a mentor to my mentees too! I have helped many people in their career, their businesses and even enhance their personal relationships.


During the mentoring process; I learnt a lot, I keep enhancing my own skills, i.e. leadership, communication, managerial, negotiation, problem solving… really amazing!


There are a lot of professionals are actively pursuing mentoring to advance their careers. Mentoring is a valuable partnership because it adds value to both the mentor and the mentees.


Mentoring creates opportunities to develop communication skills, create different perspectives in handling issues, expand your creativity and explore new ways to look at things.



Mentoring is a valuable relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. A mentor normally is the one who shared experiences, knowledge, expertise; and advise to someone who needs assistance, we call him/her a mentee.


Mentors will automatically become role models and someone the mentees can look up to. Mentors are those who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’. They will provide full support to help their mentees to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge so that the mentees are prepared to achieve certain goals.




Being a mentor will definitely enhance your leadership skills. Whenever you share your experiences, you get insights from your mentees too. You can understand better what others are thinking and you will be able to motivate others. This would help you to be a greater manager or a team leader.


While mentoring others, your communication skills will be developed automatically, without you realizing it. Mentees can be from all over the world, you get to know their background and experiences; you have to learn how to adapt with their environment too.


By refining your leadership skills, your performances will be improved and your mentees will get the most out of you. You will feel fulfilled when seeing your mentees do more and work towards their goals.


At the end of the day, your partnership with your mentee will be evaluated based on the process of the mentorship and the results achieved. It would be a great experience to open your minds to listen to their needs and to lend them your helping hands.


I truly appreciate the opportunities working with my mentors and mentees all these years. I think words cannot describe how valuable these experiences are; I gained massive knowledge and experiences, I build strong networks with them, I get to see more people, I enhanced my creativity, oh dear… I am very proud to be with them.


See you soon, Happy Mentoring!