TIME and You

Time management is a common topic among us! It is important because time wasted will never come back. We must know how to allocate our time; especially if we want to achieve work.life.balance. Manage time, you either run your life or it runs you.

We are overwhelmed with tasks to do every day, no joke about it. There are so many things to do, so many things to follow-up with so much interruptions. We often feel tired, burnt out, stress … we just have to have better control of our lives!

Here are 3 simple tips (let’s start with 3 first) to manage your time better:-

1 – Eliminate time sucker

  • Check your emails 2 times a day; give yourself a break throughout the weekend.
  • Turn off the notifications of your phone messages; check the messages when you are available; not when your phone is beeping. People who look for you urgently, will call you.
  • Facebook enthusiast… it’s great to look at what’s happening to your friends, the world and who ‘liked’ your status – just don’t overdo it, you can still scroll up and down; do it for less than 30 seconds and off the screen.
  • Coffee session – some people like to sit for a cup of coffee. Restrict your coffee time, from 1 hour only 15 minutes. While enjoying your coffee; you can do some bank transactions or reply to some phone messages, or you can even read something useful.


2 – Wake up earlier

  • Most people tend to sleep late these days. Sleep by 11pm. Wake up early. 5am or 6am; you will see a difference in your time.
  • When you wake up earlier, you can do more things. You can exercise, you can read, you can even clean your house and relax before you get to work.


3 – Have a NOT-TO-DO list

  • What? Not-to-do list? Yes, write down a not-to-do-list too. Make sure that you don’t do the things that you are not supposed to do for the day or the week. A great example will be NOT-to-gossip (gossiping waste time and will not bring you closer to your goals)
  • For those who has a TO-DO list, do the hard things first; followed by the easy stuff. When you complete the hard-tasks; your whole day will be easy, isn’t that great?