Best Business Coach

At times, I asked myself, “Am I the Best Business Coach?”

I have never imagined myself as a Business Coach many years back.  I have never thought that I could help so many business owners to accelerate their businesses and make friends with them.

So, who is the Best Business Coach?  If you ask me, I will just Google and get some names.  But I must tell myself that I am the Best Business Coach (as motivation). 

All Business Coaches are supposed to do their BEST, aren’t they?

All Business Coaches are supposed to add massive value to their clients, aren’t they?

It takes time to find the Best Business Coach and  it’s very personal when it comes to the BEST!

Let’s ask this question, “Who has the Best Mom?”  I will say, “MY MOM is the BEST!” and you’ll say your Mom is the BEST!  *laughs* and both of us are absolutely RIGHT!

All of my clients (seriously, all of them) said that I am the Best Business Coach that they have ever met.  Looking at the values that I add to them, the relationship I build with them, the attention that I pay on them and their businesses and many things that I have done for them. 

You may be thinking that I am bragging about myself, but why do I have to do so?  In our hearts, we have the BEST of everything, differently.  Just imagine, I may be the Best Business Coach to my clients but I may not be their Best Friend or their Best Teacher.  It’s their perspective about me and how I help them in their businesses.

I was once asked a few of them why they always say that I am their Best Business Coach, here is what some of them told me:-

  • I’ve never seen someone who is so passionate about business.  You teach me so much and you don’t charge me further;
  • We (my business partners and I) are very impressed with the way you guide us through our business and teaching us the Business System is really amazing.  We are already in our 5th business, using the same Business System;
  • You are very creative, you see things differently.  You are the Best and I wish to see more Business Coaches like you in the market;
  • I like your integrity.  You do whatever you promised and you know what you are talking about!

I’m very thankful to be able to work with so many individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs in so many fields.  It’s not only I add value to them, I learnt a lot from them too. 

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Thank you!