Business Coach Certification

As I meet more and more people, I started to get questions about Business Coach Certification.

Business Coaching is my passion business, therefore, at first, I never thought of having a Certification Program.  However, lately, I have been getting enquiries and I started to work out some outlines on how I can teach more people what I know about Business Coaching.

I have prepare a Business Coach Certification that consists of 17 Modules (Main Topics)… wow, that’s a lot! To me, I believe in teaching everything I know, so that my students can add massive value to their clients after completion of the Certification Program.

Let me share with you the overview of 5 Topics (out of 17) I will be teaching you in the Certification Program:-

  • Business System (consists of Step-by-step tools to build a business that makes profits);
  • Marketing Strategies – creative and uptrend strategies and how to build your network;
  • Sales Strategies – how to leverage your own people and high commission sales people to make more profits for your business);
  • How to raise money for your business without using your own money;
  • How to prepare exit plan for your business and if you like; you can make your business into Passive Income Stream.

Please note that the whole Business Coach Certification will be completed after 6 months, and part of the learning – you will be meeting with successful business owners to learn from them.  If you are one of the passionate (lucky) ones, you will be selected to do business with me.

Email me at if you are serious about Business Coaching, I will call you personally and meet you up to talk further about this certification.  I can promise you that you will see great results learning from me, because I love to share what I know.