Business Coach

Ask yourself what’s the very first thought that comes up your mind when someone mention – Business Coach.  Perhaps, someone who coach people about business or someone who help others to start a business…   In fact, many years back, I have not heard of it but I became one *laughs*

Most people who knows me personally will know that I love to share about how to make money through businesses.  I enjoy analyzing businesses and I always wonder why most businesses fail.  One of the problems is… these business owners do not know ‘WHAT PROBLEMS THEY ARE SOLVING’.  If you know what problems you are solving… and money will come naturally.

Being a Business Coach is a dream come true to me, because it gives me opportunities to explore hundreds of businesses and I met so many people around the world while supporting them in their businesses.

Business Coaching has grown big these days, I can see more and more Business Coaches surfacing in the local market and I just hope that everyone is adding massive values to their clients.

A great Business Coach will have their own Business Coaches; as we help others, we need guidance and insights from our very own ‘Gurus’ too.  Do you know that Business Coaching has to be very uptrend and creative?  The world is changing so fast and your techniques must change too.

I have recently received feedback from my clients that they hired other Business Coaches before me; most Business Coaches want them to ‘pay’ first before meeting them.  Let me put it this way – if you are asking for money first, your clients will run-away faster than you could imagine.  It’s important to give value first.  GIVE, GIVE, GIVE! … then you’ll get the deal!

Let me give you simple ideas on how a Business Coach should operate:-

  • Meet your client (preferable outside the office, so it’s more relaxed and you get more creative ideas out there);
  • Nurture your client, LISTEN to what they wanted to say;
  • Ask some general questions to understand better;
  • Write down what you understand from the conversation and highlight the ‘problems’;
  • Check with the client on the ‘problems’ and prioritize;
  • List a few possible solutions and give to your client for free;
  • Allow Q&A (from here, your client will probably ask about your coaching fees, etc);
  • Set another appointment to understand better of the needs and how you can help!

Your intention must be clear.  Money is important, but never let money blindfold you when you first met your clients.  If they like you, they will hire you.  If they like the way you teach them ‘something’, they will want to learn ‘everything’ you know by paying you.