Business Marketing Coach

Many people asked me whether Sales comes first or Marketing comes first in businesses.

Again, this is my personal opinion… to build a long term and successful business… MARKETING FIRST!  If you have done enough or great Marketing… you will see $$$$$$ales!

There are people out there who look for Business Marketing Coach just to help them to look into their Marketing Strategies.

To make it simple, I’ll break into a few things below:-

  • Niche – you have to identify your IDEAL Customers – from there, you will know what type of Marketing strategies to use;
  • From Ideal Customers – ask yourself, “Who else can I sell to?”
  • Branding – if you brand your product/service beautifully… you’ll get more customers.  You have to build a good Business Image;
  • U.S.P – What makes you ‘stands out’ from your competition? Why your customers should buy from you?
  • Marketing System – do you have a database of your customers’ details?  Are you giving them irresistible offers?
  • Other Strategies – where else do you want to sell your products? Online? Business associates? High Commission Salesmen?

A great Business Marketing Coach will guide you through the whole process (the above is just 10-20% of the whole Marketing process in points form).  Just imagine if someone could be by your side, guiding you through what to do in Marketing and boost up your Sales.  Isn’t it great?  Not only you save time, you will also learn a Step-by-Step Marketing Tool that you can re-use for future promotions.

Hiring a Business Coach who can hold your hands in preparing Marketing strategies is very important.  Some Business Coaches will only tell you what’s happening out there.  In order for you to increase Sales, your Business Coach must provide you with a Step-by-Step Marketing Tool and make you a Marketing Expert in your business.