Certified Business Coach

There are a lot of Business Coaching Certification available in the market.

To me, to be a Certified Business Coach, it’s not about having the Certificates or ASK your clients a lot of questions; there are much more when it comes to Business Coaching.  It’s about integrity, trust, creativity, passion, accountability, patient, ability to communicate, problem solving, etc.

If you take a quick look at the Certified Business Coaches around you, you can start to observe how they speak to their clients and how do they add value to their clients.  Great ones will prove themselves very fast.  Not-so-good ones will sooner or later leave the coaching industry.

I have many clients who paid some Certified Business Coaches (before they engaged me) and they told me their experiences as below:-

  • They asked for payment first (no payment, no coaching);
  • He did not show me what is Business System is all about;
  • They keep asking questions and most of it, I don’t know how to answer;
  • Questions followed by Questions, I am lost;
  • He showed me the problems in my business (which I am glad to know that) but when he kept asking me how I would solve the problems, I felt the stress because I was expecting him to show me the ways instead of attacking me with questions;
  • My Business Coach has 15 years of experience, but he did not show me the step-by-step to revamp my business, they just ask me questions every time he meets me and I feel exhausted.

Honestly, I am not here to talk good or bad about anyone because there are a lot of great Business Coaches out there who has helped millions of people in their businesses with heart.  Personally, I work with International Business Coaches to build my own businesses.

However, if you just want to make money out of business coaching without integrity, if you are not passionate about helping others to make money in their business or if you are not ready to show your clients what you teach them or if you are still ‘hiding’ your knowledge and hoping to charge your clients again and again – please start to be truthful to yourself.