Coach Business Plan

Hey, are you looking for a Business Coach who can guide you how to plan for your Business?

Someone who can help you to structure your Business Plan and guide you how to do it?

Or you already have a Business Plan in place but it’s not really working well and require some touch ups?

I have received numerous enquiries about coaching on Business Plan.

If I ask you, “What is a Business Plan?”  What will be your answer?

Most companies rely on a Business Plan to make money for them, this is true!

Some companies don’t have a proper Business Plan, this is true too!

Smaller companies do not even bother to create a Business Plan, this happens too!

I was being asked several times whether I could Coach on the Preparation of Business Planning.  Yes! I can, but are you ready?

  • Business Plan is very simple but require a lot of thinking and work in between.
  • You have to identify your company TOP 5 or TOP 10 priorities and break them into smaller action plans.  You have to understand your company’s Mission, Vision and Values so that your Business Plan make senses at the end of the day.
  • You must understand the importance of having a Business Plan and follow through.
  • You and your team must work hand in hand to execute the strategies in different period of time.
  • You are responsible towards your actions and you are hold accountable to the Business Plan.

So… are you READY to create or revise your Business Plan?

All Business Coaches must be able to guide their clients to prepare or revise Business Plans.  This involves more effort and more thinking hats.  It’s not about how much money you want to make in your business… it’s what do you have to DO to make the amount of money you desire.

If you are working with your Business Coach, one of the most important thing to do is to review your Business Plan – remove unnecessary strategies and put in new + creative strategies to accelerate your business.