How to be a Business Coach

There are more and more Business Coaches in the world now, but, how to be one?

Ask yourself these 3 questions (if you got all “YESes”… you are ‘almost’ ready):-

  • Do you like business?
  • Do you like to teach?
  • Are you willing to continue to learn so that you can teach creatively?

The above questions are really simple but if you look into each question… there are hidden meaning behind them.  Let’s take a closer look.

Do you like Business?

You must enjoy doing business and you must know the right Business Systems.  I have met with a lot of Business Coaches who doesn’t know what a Business System should look like.  I am not surprised but I am disappointed. 

If you do not know what a Business System is, learn.  Make sure that you know it from head to toe because it’s a tool to make a profitable business.  Without this Business System, you will not know how to look into any business, professionally.

Do you like to teach?

Most Business Coaches are trained to ask the Right Questions.  I have no comment on asking the Right Questions but I am very concern about this.  Being a Business Coach, you should do more than asking questions.  Teach your client something ‘new’ every time you meet them.  Tell them what’s happening in the business world and how you can help them to do more in their businesses.

Teaching requires passion, energy and patience.  Most Business Coaches are selling hourly service… but I will urge them to give more.  If you are supposed to meet your client for 1 hour, teach them something ‘new’ for another 20 minutes.  If time permits, teach them more.  Let them know more so that they can survive without your guidance in the future.  Just remember one thing, once they are your client, they are your friends too.

Are you willing to continue to learn so that you can teach creatively?

Although I know a lot of business, but I don’t know ‘everything’.  There are too many things to learn. The world is too creative, I learn and grow.  Most Business Coaches stop learning because they think they know everything about business.  Let me be very honest, there is no way that you know ‘everything’ about business.  Even top millionaires and billionaires have coaches. 

I have 5 coaches and I learn from them differently.  Some of my clients are so thankful that I keep teaching them new things.  They said that they have not met anyone who’s so generous before.  I told them this, “I learn so that I can add more value to you and your business.  Plus, it’s not happy to be successful alone, let’s be Successful Together.”