How to find a Business Coach

It’s pretty easy, some people “Google” for one *laughs*

Most people would check online whether there’s any Business Coach that they could engage with to work on their businesses.  Some prefer to get someone local, some enjoys online learning… it’s up to you 🙂

It’s perfectly okay to get a Business Coach online because what is important is that you are comfortable with the way the Business Coach work with you.

The question is… How to Find a Business Coach … a Great one?

I have seen Business Coaches out there in my residing country who name themselves as Business Coach but not adding massive value to their clients.

Being a Business Coach is NOT about asking the Right Questions anymore.

It’s about creativity + the Right Questions + strategies.

Before you search for a Business Coach, you must ask yourself a few questions:-

  • What do I want to achieve? e.g. your business and personal goals
  • Am I ready to learn and serve?
  • Am I ready to do whatever it takes to achieve greater results?
  • What is my mission, vision and values?
  • What type of people (Business Coach) that I want to work with?

These are just general questions, but once you have a clear mind of what results you want for yourself (and your business); it is easier for you to connect with your favorite Business Coach.

The last question about the “type of people” you want to work with is very important when it comes to selection.  You have to be very sure that you enjoy talking to the Business Coach before engaging him/her.  Some coaches are creative, some are conservative and some talk a lot without structure which will confuse you.  Choose to work with someone who is able to communicate the message to you, and you could understand what’s being said.

If you need more guidance, just send me an email at  I can guide you through some simple processes before you re-strategize your business.