I need a Business Coach

How many of you would say this,

“I need a Business Coach?”

“I need a Business Coach NOW!”

Honestly, not many.  Some just wait and see when something goes wrong with the performance of their businesses.  Most will blame the economy or the competition.

Most people who connect with me will understand the importance of having a Business Coach.  It’s simple, you just have to ask yourself, “Why am I in business?”  The most general answer is, “I want to make more money.”

You have to educate yourself about getting a Business Coach.  When you think, “I need a Business Coach” – you really NEED one.

You have to understand the objective for working with a Business Coach too.  Check out the following intentions:-

  • Do you want to learn and create a Business System?
  • Are you ready to accelerate your business? 
  • How can you make more money? 
  • Do you wish to learn the latest Marketing strategies?
  • Are you prepared to do more for yourself, your business and your clients? 
  • Are you comfortable to be guided by a coach?  Etc.

As you already know that you need a Business Coach, identifying your intention is essential before hiring one.  Business Coaches are supposed to hold you accountable to your business.  He/she is supposed to be able to help you to expand your business and show you the right path to success.

Before hiring a Business Coach to ‘walk’ with you in your business; you may invite 2 or 3 Business Coaches to meet you (separately) and listen to them.  Hire the one that you feel ‘right’.  It’s not an easy task to identify the ‘right’ one but at least, you have met a few and you can see the way they ‘add-value’ to their clients.

There are Business Coaches out there who ask for payment first, please insist to meet them first.  You have the right to choose your Business Coach based on their attitude + their experience.