International Business Coach

How can you be an International Business Coach?

What’s the difference of a Business Coach vs an International Business Coach?

Do you need to be more knowledgeable if you want to be an International Business Coach?

Just a quick overview about what I have been through before I start Business Coaching.

As some of you might have read in my other articles, I attended seminars and obtained few certifications & I paid a few successful Businessmen for coaching and mentoring. People around me thought that I am crazy because I paid hundreds of thousands to work with these people to ‘upgrade’ myself.  Some do not understand ‘why’ and some said that I should get my qualifications from a university.

Look, education is not designed to ‘teach’ you how to make money in businesses.  What I learnt is HOW to make profits in business and HOW to teach others to make money in their businesses too.  I am not learning the basics of Business or Marketing or Sales.  I learnt the ways of making money through businesses and how to turn the business into passive income… and much more about the Real Business Environment.

If you are keen to be an International Business Coach, you have to be exposed to international businesses and keep learning from successful business people.  Read their success stories, get in touch with them or even pay them to learn something from them.

You have to be very knowledgeable about the happenings in the international business world, you have to know the trend and you must be able to identify the opportunities.  You must be thinking that this is challenging, but in fact, it’s not.  You can be very selective when you work with your own coach or mentor.  You don’t have to work with everyone.  You just have to ‘feel’ who matches your personal values and start following them on Facebook and keep learning.

If you have an opportunity to meet them, ask them to mentor you. Pay! If you Pay, you Pay Attention!  This is an investment, it’s not an expenses.

Trust me, it takes more effort if you want to bring your business internationally; therefore you must connect with the right people.

Email me at if you want to know who I have connected with prior to my success.  I will share with you the whole story and teach you some tricks too.