Malaysia Top Business Coach

This article is to share my insights, with a little stories about myself (hope you’ll like it).

As I mentioned before in my previous articles, many years back, I “thought” that my dream is to be a trainer – a corporate trainer.  However, until today, I still get invitations to speak at Corporate events and to conduct Corporate Training. 

Just a quick note – I only do Interactive Trainings (means, all participants will PLAY while learning!)  I don’t believe in teaching while reading from Power Point slides.  I don’t read from slides *laughs*…. That’s not a Trainer, that’s a READER!

I am very blessed that my clients said that I am one of Malaysia Top Business Coaches, as they see results from my coaching… and not only that; they enjoy working with me because I am flexible and kinda ‘bubbly’ in real (honestly, I’m friendly hahaha!).

Being Malaysia Top Business Coach is not an easy journey.  I started this as a student, I learn from Top Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.  I paid a lot of coaching fees and I attended a lot of seminars internationally).  No one could understand why I paid so much for coaching, mentoring, seminars and not forgetting travelling expenses.  But, my mom understands my intention. 

Let me tell you some stories (could be fun or could be boring to some of you)… I always wanted to be a Businesswoman.  It’s just that I do not know what to sell.  I was very naïve, I thought that we can only make money by selling ‘products’; I never imagined that we can make money selling ‘services’. 

About 5-6 years ago, I looked around … I looked at my friends who are in business.  What’s happening in their world? Are they successful?  Some yes, and most of them NO! And I secretly told myself that ‘Doing Business is so difficult… not many are successful!’

I was asking myself, “How can I ensure that my business is a successful one, when I am in business one day?”… Do I learn from my friends? Do I just try? Can I just ask around and pick some tips? Or maybe I should observe how other people sell and I just do that same… (I was extremely passionate about business…)

And… one day, I found the answer.  I should learn from Top Business Owners and Entrepreneurs… I should learn from them personally.  I should ask them what’s the Step-by-Step (if possible) and I should learn from a few, not only one.  I must also attend seminars… and there’s where my learning journey begins.

Back then, I was the Office Manager in Malaysia’s Top. 3 Network Marketing Company.  In the office, I was very committed with my work.  I don’t mind to take up tasks that nobody wants to do.  I pay attention in meetings so that I could learn something from someone.  During weekends or after work, I attended seminars and I started to pay for personal coaching.

After a few months of learning, I started to analyze businesses… and started to give Business Coaching to my family and friends.  I was not very ‘structured’ that time, I was just sharing what I learnt.  But, surprisingly … most strategies work!  I even get compliments that I am creative and I should teach more people.

I keep learning and share with more people … WOW, one day… I get my first client paying me 20 times of my salary to guide him in his business for 6 months.  I was blown away and it was a great blessing.  

Today, my mission is to educate, inspire and empower individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to achieve Financial Freedom and Happiness + participating in charitable works together.  It’s awesome to work with my clients and the best after all is the smiles that we bring to less fortunate people around us.