New Business Coach

There are times that people asked about my background… how I ventured into Business Coaching and why they should hire me.  Some even asked if I am a New Business Coach.

I love these questions.

I have served both local and multi-national companies for the past 18.5 years and my first Corporate training session was about 10 years ago.  At first, I thought that  Corporate training is my #1 passion… As time passes… I realized that I love businesses more.

I enjoy doing business and always studied how businesses are established.  What are the Marketing strategies? What’s the trend? How people close sales?  What are the problems in the business?

I truly enjoy looking at different perspective of businesses.

About 4-5 years ago, I went deeper studying more businesses and I started to understand why 75% of businesses fail in the first 2 years.  It’s simply because most businesses have no systems and the right tools to promote their products/services.

Honestly, I was a New Business Coach back then because I was still in my ‘learning zone’.  I  learn while teaching others.  I learnt from Top Business Coaches in UK and US.  I understand the importance of being a Business Coach and being a Great Business Coach will allow me to serve more people.

I am quite ‘OLD’ now *laughs* Indeed, I am so blessed to be able to help so many business owners to accelerate their businesses to achieve greater results.  I practice flexible leadership, therefore, people who work with me will find that I not a rigid person and I insist on creativity too.  Moving along with the trend, we have to be very creative and not afraid of the competition.

Hey, you can connect with me and let’s work together to push your business to another level.  I don’t copy and paste my strategies because I believe in creativity.  Different business would require different strategies.

Send me an email and you’ll discover more about Business Coaching and me too!