My Business Coach

If you are ready to kick start a business or make the necessary change in your current business; engaging a Business Coach is really important.  A dedicated Business Coach will “hold your hand” and show you step-by-step what to do in your business. 

One of my clients asked me last year, “Candy, can you be My Business Coach?”

In my heart, “I am a Business Coach… so what is a My Business Coach?” *laughs*  I had no idea what is a Personal Business Coach… (but of course, I said, “YES!” because I saw the good intention in my client to learn from me).

Recently, I somehow understand what a My Business Coach means.  I did not Google for an answer, this is my personal answer.  A Personal Business Coach is like ‘someone who work very closely with you on your business and at the same time, he/she is your closest friend too.” (this is my interpretation, may not be 100% accurate)

My clients treat me as their  Business Coach because we share everything about business and we care for each other too.  We encourage each other (even I need some encouragements too *hahaha*) and we grow together. 

I constantly teach my clients new Marketing techniques or Sales methods so that they are uptrend.  I want all my clients to know the latest strategies and tactics so that we move together with the outer world.  We are trendy!  We are up-to-date!  We becomes the pioneer!

All I want to do is to help as many individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs to serve their customers and make as much money as possible … and we can also do charitable works together.  It’s really great to earn money and give back to the society.  Life should be meaningful and to be part of the loving society, we must allocate some profits for charity.