Personal Business Coach

I work with individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners to strategize their businesses.

Some are one-on-one coaching, some are in groups…

Before they engage me, most of them would ask me if I could be their Personal Business Coach and asked me what are the packages that I could offer them.

I am very blessed that I am able to help my clients to make money and at the same time, we do a lot of charitable works together.

Being a Personal Business Coach is really amazing to me.  It brings out the best in my clients and even myself.  We learn from each other.  I teach them the essence of businesses and lots of current strategies to increase sales in their business.

I do not have ‘fixed’ packages for Business Coaching.  Again, this is my Passion Business.  I want to serve and help more people to make money.  Although we know that 75% of businesses fail in the first 2 years… I want to make a difference to this statistic!

I don’t believe in charging ‘per hour’ (although I have big corporate clients paying me hourly).

There are a lot of Business Coaches out there who charges their clients per hour… If you ask yourself, ‘How much can I learn per hour?”

First, I look at the intention of my clients and we’ll go into some simple Q&A to identify the mission, vision and values before we work together.  It’s not about what ‘package’ I can offer to them, it’s about HOW I can help them in their businesses.  Do they want to make more money? Do they want to work “IN” or “ON” their businesses? What their “exit strategy’? Are they ready to change some old business tricks?

Being a Personal Business Coach is not ‘easy’ because we have to work on a few areas to make a business make money.  But I really like what I do.  When I see my clients making money… I am happy.  When I see they pay bonuses to their employees, I am happy.  When I see they do charities, I am happy.

If you are unsure whether you want to hire a Personal Business Coach, you may connect with me as a friend first.  You will get to know more about me and my team.  From there, we will talk about your business and how we can help you.  Again, what we want is to add massive values to all individuals that we work with.