Professional Business Coach

Many times I have heard of Professional Business Coach.  What does this ‘really’ mean?

In fact, all Business Coaches should be very Professional. 

Being a Professional Business Coach, we are required to look at your clients’ current business from top to bottom.  This includes the Management team, the employees, and Marketing & Sales strategies and establish what to do NEXT.  We have to provide the necessary advice and tools to solve the current issues and increase sales.  Most Business Coaches will dig into the problems and solve ‘only’ the problems.

To my opinion, being a Professional Business Coach, this is not the only thing we should do.  Solving problems is a must, what about looking at the potentials in the business?  Is there anything that the Business is doing well and require enhancements?  Is there employees whom you can bring up as new leaders? Is there any ‘working’ Marketing strategies that we can improve to get more sales?  Potentials are unlimited.  Professional Business Coaches must be able to see all these… other than just rectifying problems.

In general, most Business Coaches will provide the so called ‘tools’ for their clients to work on their issues, challenges or problems.  From there, their clients are ‘expected’ to put off the fire and move UP.  If the client is so capable to solve all issues with the ‘tools’; they do not need a Business Coach – they just need “GOOGLE”.

Tools are important when it comes to dealing with challenges but, at times, we need to do things creatively.  Most people view ‘problems’ as ‘challenges’.  To me, most of the time, I view ‘problems’ as ‘OPPORTUNITIES’.  There must be ‘something’ in the ‘problem’ that we encounter in business.  The bigger the problem we solve for our client, the bigger reward we will get.

I always sit down with my clients to look at issues from a different perspective.  We get better results and we solve problems ‘faster’.  In fact, we are very excited to solve problem (although we don’t really welcome them *laughs*)  Being a Professional Business Coach, we must be able to view things differently and work closely with our clients so that everyone learn together.