Small Business Coach

Small Business Coach, does it mean a ‘Business Coach for Small businesses’ or the Business Coach is ‘small’ in size? (I am a “BIG” Business Coach) *laughs*

I’m just kidding about the ‘size’. 

There are many enquiries about Business Coaching, and I realized that about 60% of my clients are in small businesses.  Some are the only ‘staff’ in the business and some just have less than 10 employees in their team.  Yearly sales is about USD 300,000… decent and small businesses.

Therefore, at first, they are reluctant to pay me, because they are very afraid of the ROI.  Anyway, it’s not my style to get payment first before meetings.  I will invite them to meet up and I will listen to them about their business (some will also talk about personal stuff, I just listen).

What is important in a business is the Business System that I always talk about. If you want your business to grow ‘continuously’, you must learn the Business System.  It’s a very simple step-by-step system that will help you to understand why you are in business and what you should do to serve your customers.  Business Systems will also guide you on negotiations and problem solving techniques.

Most of my clients who are in small businesses are very afraid of the competition.  They always say, “There are huge companies out there, we are just too small!”  It’s all about mindset.  If you think the other companies are big out there, you have to play bigger.  Do not limit yourselves.  Do you think that those big companies are not afraid of you?  Let me tell you, bigger companies have bigger expenses, they invested in technology and talents that took up a lot of their profits.  They don’t become big overnight.  If you are in business, you have to do things differently and grab the attention of the customers. 

If you are unique, if you can solve more problems… you will be BIG!  Focus on what you want to do, what problems you want to solve and who you want to serve!  You will be bigger than you think, very soon.

I have different strategies for Small Business Coaching.  Business owners for smaller businesses require more attention and techniques to keep them moving.  It’s the matter of whether you know HOW to make money in your business and money will come to you.  Serve your customers well, you will be rewarded well!