Women Business Coach

There are a lot of Women Business Coaches out there.

Some of the top ones are women.  As women, we are being labeled as caring and meticulous *laughs*

To me, being a Business Coach is a blessing.  I enjoy doing businesses and the best thing is that I can teach others how to make their businesses profitable.

The number of Women Business Coaches are increasing now, because women have started to take charge of businesses – if you read the news, you will see a lot of new women CEOs, women Directors, businesswomen, and many more.

To keep up with the trend, women must know how to make money in business.

I used to be told that women is responsible to take care of the families and being ambitious make us look like ‘MEN’ *laughs*  I somehow agree, but when I think again, we can still take care of our families even we are working.  The world is moving faster than we could imagined!  Women must help the men in many areas of life. We must contribute to the society too!

When I started my business coaching career, I was in fear (honestly).  I have not seen many Women Business Coaches out there, many years back.  All the popular ones are men.  I was wondering whether I could make it.  I was wondering whether I will be looked down because I am a woman (and I looked quite ‘young’ at that time).  I was talking ‘nonsense’ to myself about my decision to be a Woman Business Coach.  BUT… when I received compliments from my clients and I gained trust from people who work with me… WOW, I MADE IT! 

I am very thankful to meet with all my coaches, mentors and clients – they have brought me to who I am today!  They are so supportive, and we work very closely with each other and we celebrate all wins.  We never look down on each other’s’ weaknesses … we encourage each other to succeed.

Being a Woman Business Coach is really awesome, one of the best thing that ever happened to me!

Email me at khingwongofficial@gmail.com if you want to know more about Business Coaching.  I will call you talk about this beautiful career; where you can meet a lot of people and HOW you can make a difference in their lives.

Talk to you soon!


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