Corporate training seems very common as most people would think that training is part of their work; in fact, it’s part of their lives!

There is a saying, if you stop growing (learning), you are automatically ‘dying’.

There are 2 types of learnings, Personal Development and Business Development.

It would be great if we attend trainings; not to ‘enjoy the day off’ but to enhance our knowledge and insights.

Most trainings are very technical, and some are very structured.  Trainers will read from the slides and crack some jokes to make the participants laugh; and that’s it!

With Khing Wong; training is about getting the participants to ‘get into the real WORLD’.  She is very interactive and fun.  Her trainings are unique and she doesn’t like to ‘copy and paste’ her modules.  She spends time to ‘talk to her clients’ and she can immediately draw a training framework so that her clients have a clear picture of how she will conduct the sessions.

Connect with her now, you’ll see things differently!

Specialism: Helping Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Individuals with –

  • Presentation Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Powerful Communication
  • Leadership
  • Business Coaching

Contact details:-

Mobile number: +6013 896 2123 (Malaysia)