7 Corporate Training Programs Every Employee Should Take

This is not an ordinary article; if you could spend the next 5 minutes to read this; you’ll see different insights with a touch of AHA!  I’ve removed Jargons and Formal Words; because I want to bring out this message [Training is Important for your Employees].

I’ve been involved in training industry for the past 12 years.  I’m truly grateful when I see transformation in individuals. I’ve worked with Big and Small Companies; who allocate budget for Learning and Development, the results are phenomenal compared to those who think ‘Training is Expensive’.

If I may say; me and my team; we’ve been helping thousands of individuals in Grooming them both in Personal and Business Development.  At the end of the day, it’s all about providing these Individuals [whether they’re employees or business owners] with the Trainings that will grow them as an individual; and that’s how they will grow the Company as a whole.

We all understand that Employees Development is an Investment. If you want to have better employees who can contribute to your Organization; providing them with a set of Trainings will be ideal. Learning equals Growing. To Grow your Business; if you could allocate a budget of 10% to Employees Learning and Development; you’re about to see Great Results from this Investment.

An organization that emphasizes on Learning will have certain Culture and Values that contribute to its Success. The working place will become a place with the Right Employees that carry the Right Mindset to work. They’re more creative, flexible, adaptive and ready for challenges too.

Some organizations find that it’s expensive to send their employees for training. To be honest, trainings are expensive in a way. But what’s more expensive than working with the People with wrong Mindset or the People who just do whatever you ask them to do without improving their knowledge and skills?

In this article, I would like to share with you the Top 7 Trainings that all Employees should take.  I’ve been working with more than 50 Training Providers and hundreds of Trainers. I realized that Great Trainers always look at how they could Serve their students; making them more equipped with the Set of Training that can transform them into their Best-Selves?  My team, we chose to do things differently, we do not focus only at 1 Program and expecting people to change and grow; we want to ensure that our Students [Clients] understand that they’ve to go through certain Learning Curves in order to bring their business to another level.  Let’s see which 7 Trainings all employees should take:-

Effective Communication

Communication is key to all Relationships. Not everyone can communicate well, especially when we are from different backgrounds. We’ve face-to-face communication, emails and nowadays; other platforms such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Messenger have make our lives easier and we communicate faster.

However, as we use all these platforms for communication; due to language or jargon barriers; we tend to miscommunicate or send the wrong message across. Some people are using Meme, Chat Slang… Pheeewwww; some are really ineffective.

Furthermore, we’re now communicating to the World. One stupid message could lead to anger and hatred; what’s worse; Social Media will make that go Viral.

A Good Communication training is essential to set the Context Right for Communication in any organization. A Training for Communication will help your Organization to develop the skills your employees would need.

Time Management

In my book HELLO ENTREPRENEURS, I wrote a chapter about “YOUR 24 HOURS”. In fact when I wrote it, I was referring to Time Management because we all know that time doesn’t wait for anybody. The clock ticks every second. The good news is “You can MANAGE your FOCUS and manage your ACTIVITIES.

Time Management Training is not only about Managing Time at work; it’s about Managing the Activities at both Work and Personal and STAY FOCUS! What’s important? What’s urgent? What’s important but not urgent? What’s urgent but not important? All we have to do is to ensure that time is well spent. All this will translate into Productivity and achieving Greater Results as a team too.

Project Management

I’ve conducted several sessions on Project Management and my students told me this is one of the best that they’ve learnt. Some of them told me that they didn’t know the Project can be as small as Organizing a Birthday Party for a 1 year-old. Most of them thought the Project has to be something worth thousands or millions.

Project Management is our day-in-day-out thing. There’s no way that we can escape from completing Projects. Even to clean the house is a Project. Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, cooking, washing – they may look easy but it’s not easy.

At work, we’ve more “Important” Projects to do because it’s all about Business. Most Projects will consist of a team with a Leader. The Leader is called Project Manager. Project Management Training will layout the Basics of How to Start, Manage and Complete Projects by utilizing the strengths of the People in the organization.

Leadership Training

I personally love this Topic, Leadership Training! Me and my students have published a Book called HELLO LEADERS; this book is amazing. Each and everyone of us talk about Leadership – in our very own ways. Every individual is unique and will adapt a different type of Leadership.

I always believe in Leaders Creating Leaders. Isn’t it Great to see the world filled with Leaders with Integrity, Honesty, Kindness, Compassion and willing to Serve? A Good Leadership Training will consist of not only Skills; it’s also about building individual characters to be a Good Leader who Creates Leaders [not followers].

Problem-Solving Training

You probably think that this shouldn’t be in this list. 

Let me tell you more about it. Problem Solving Training is crucial. Why? Because everything changes really fast these days. Imagine that your Team is relying on you when they’re facing Challenges or Setbacks in their work.

Equip them with Problems Solving Techniques and give them Empowerment will make your life easier. It’s not Rocket Science; but it’s important to Grow your Business.

TeamBuilding Training

Now we’re getting HIGHer! Teambuilding = Time for Teambonding! It’s FUN and it’s going to be FUN!!!

I’ve been organizing and facilitating TeamBuilding Trainings for 10 years. Honestly, not easy. It takes a big team to make it a Success. I’ve been working with more than 30 TeamBuilding Trainers; and I realized that almost 70% of them do not understand the Power of Debrief. 

TeamBuilding are filled with activities; both indoor and outdoor. Participants will go crazy and wild; playing games and they’re noisy! 1 day, 2 days… Games after Games; everyone is with HIGH ENERGY!

TeamBuilding Trainings should be organized based on the Company’s goals. The intention of the TeamBuilding has to be clear and the Trainer|Facilitator must be able to bring the Team together; motivate them and send the Message of the Goals of the Organization.

Diversity Training

Our working place is not about “us” anymore. It involves so many other people and so many happenings. If you’ve a team of people, they must understand Diversity Challenges. In Malaysia, we’re living in a Multi-Cultural environment. We’ve different races, different religions and different backgrounds.

A training about Diversity is very crucial. It’s a MUST! Sadly not all organizations understand the importance of it and not many Trainers are trained to facilitate this Training. Diversity Training will expand the horizon of your Team’s knowledge and provide them with the essentials to work with people from all over the place. Just imagine that everyone is respecting each other and work together happily, isn’t that Meaningful?

Thank you so much, gotta sign off now!

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