Successful people always master the Art of Communication.

They know what to say, when to say it with the right tonality.

Honestly, not everyone blessed with such talents. Some of us need to practice, some just flow.

The first thing we should understand what is the message that we want to tell the other person. We must be precise and speak in simple words so that the message lands. Do not use jargons even you are talking to others in a formal meeting. Consider your listeners’ level of understanding and by using simple words with key words, you will be fine.

Have you ever met with people who can speak really fast? I am one of them *laughs*. I had to learn how to speak slower and took me a lot of effort to practice. People who speaks very fast, can absorb things faster but they also may missed some of the important points. Speak at normal speed, repeat the key words and check if they are paying attention (e.g. nodding heads and eye contact)

At times, you can build rapport by giving compliments to your listeners. Recognize people for their contributions, thank them for their assistance, or even congratulate them for completing certain tasks.

There are more tips on communication that I wish to share with you, today, just stick to a few bites and practice so that we all can transfer our message around with ease.

Happy communicating!