Creating the ‘TICK’ in your service

LOVE WHAT YOU DO, your customers will LOVE you too!

  • Be helpful, informative, caring, polity, energetic and warm.

Welcome “problems”

  • If you have problems, means you are in BUSINESS! That also means that you can learn from your problems to prevent future problems. Remember to solve the problems tactfully. Get help when needed.

SMILE and the world will smile at you.

  • Customers will prefer to approach a ‘smiling’ person. Smile more and you will automatically attract more customers; who bring more customers to you J

Bridging the GAP

  • If your customers require information about your product/service; share with them. If you do not understand their needs, ask them again and seek for assistance (e.g. your superior or other experts). Do not assume.

Be an ‘umbrella’

  • It will be great if we can be an ‘umbrella’ to our customers, we protect them and they will always stay with us.

Extra service ≠ Extra work

  • Extra service doesn’t equal to extra work. When you give more in serving your customers, they can feel it. If you are sincere, they can feel it. Your customers will co-operate with you instead of giving you trouble.