Why do we hire high quality employees?

In the process of hiring, we will not be able to determine whether the candidate will perform in our business or not. Most business owners hire employees by offering the lowest salary possible, so that they could save some money; while ‘testing’ the new employee.

We have to agree that hiring the wrong candidate is impact the performance of the business. What if the candidate is the right person? No one could predict until they are in the ‘game’.

I have worked with multi-national companies for many years; realizing that the success rate in hiring the right candidate just fall in between 20-30%; depending how you look at your own objectives.

Most big organizations are hiring employees with high qualifications or getting in candidates with the most impressive resume. Again, if this is what in your business hiring process; do it anyway.

Most of the business owners who work with me are facing difficulties hiring high quality employees. Some employees seem to have the best qualifications (even top students) but they do not know how to solve simple problems in the business. Some have been working for years (5-10 years); lack of qualifications but they are good in problems solving; but they have ego problems. Not easy…

I have recently developed a Hiring System that will ensure that the employees hired are high quality ones; paying more attention to their behavior, mindset, life experiences while including some routine checks. Very simple system but this has become a very useful tool to hire high quality employees.

For those who connect with me, I can share more about this with you so that this would help you to hire high quality candidates and retain them.