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For those who has not know me yet, just a ‘warning’ — I am very passionate in motivating people around me to unleash their potentials, achieve their goals; whether it’s personal or in business.

Most people focus on what they CANNOT do rather than what they CAN do. I help them to access their true powers and success in spite of anything.

Being a fun-loving person; I believe that we must all have balance in our lives.  If you are meeting me, let’s share our experiences and I’ll show you the importance of creating values; and how you can add massive values in other people’s lives too.

I spent 18 years working with the Top Management of multi-national companies; hundreds of business owners and individuals. I prefer “Flexible Leadership and communication styles” to achieve extra-ordinary levels of customer service.

I always works hand-in-hand with others to ensure that everyone recognizes and leverages their strengths to love what they are doing. My passion is to continuously develop and share best practices; ensuring that everyone understands the ‘game’ that they are playing.

Throughout the years, I gained massive experience and knowledge through the coaching and mentoring by world premier thought-leaders and coaches like Mac Attram, Kane Minkus, Blair Singer, T. Harv Eker’s team and many more; in the areas of personal development, business systemization, sales & marketing strategies and entrepreneurship.

I truly believe that every successful person has mentors. The more we learn from successful people, the more successful we will be. I constantly upgrading myself because learning has no boundaries. By learning from successful entrepreneurs around the world and having these mentors with me, I am now helping others to succeed through business coaching and training.

I have been actively involved in coaching and mentoring individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and Top Management teams and helped them to increase their income.  Some doubled their income and some achieved up to 400% increased of sales. All we have to know are the functions and vital practices of customer service and essential business processes.

Being a person who constantly promotes values, I continuously encourage people to reach their maximum performances, activate their strengths and grab opportunities around them. I am willing to share and demonstrate useful and tactful techniques which are easy to pick up and practice daily. To me, effective learning is not about ‘information’ or ‘theories’; it’s about our own ‘life experiences’ and the ‘systems’ we have created along the journey.

My goals are to help others to develop self-awareness and self-confidence by managing their little voices; develop business systems with the right Sales & Marketing strategies; encourage creativity and be innovative; and execute with excellence. In order for each and every one of us to see ourselves in an entirely new light is to do what we are good at, and bring the best out of ourselves.

I love to write articles, I have written hundreds of them (you get to see quite a number of simple ones on this website).  I have also just completed The Customer Service flash cards that I will give away to add value to others (if you want a set, drop me an email to request for one).

In January 2017, I launched my first book, HELLO ENTREPRENEURS, another book HELLO LEADERS in January 2019 and currently working on my 3rd book HELLO TRAINERS.

I will also constantly write articles; with an intention to spread knowledge and Happiness.  I enjoy working with Happy People.”People buy from Happy People”. I don’t think I want to buy from someone who is not smiling *laughs*.

“I want to spread Happiness in the business world.  I want to reach more people, and get them to understand that Work.Life.Balance. is possible! With trainings and workshops, I meet more people and teach them techniques that would increase efficiency, enhance their work performance and boost up their sales!  It is awesome to see more people learn and grow.  In fact, I am very blessed to be able to teach others; and at the same time, I can learn from others too.”