Did you just say “GOOD JOB”?

Everyone likes to hear “good job”; means you’ve done something ‘good’ and someone is noticing it!

Giving appropriate feedback is essential to motivate another person or a team.  It is human nature that when we received compliments, we tend to do better and better.  Just like kids, if you tell them, “Good boy”… “Wow, awesome girl”… you’ll see them on top of the world.

Have you heard of constructive feedback?  Some would say that it sounds more to a complaint “plus” some advice… some would say that it simply means, you have done something ‘not-so-right’ so you get some constructive feedback.

Let me share a few things about giving feedback; whether it’s an honest feedback or a constructive feedback.  Just keep in mind, don’t give feedback too ‘early’; be patient and let the conversation flow.

Whenever you are talking to someone or a team of people, when it is time to give feedback, just be very alert and you may use the following tips too:-

1 – Listen

Allow others to speak first. Listen attentively.  Everyone should be given a chance to talk.  Listen to understand the situation; not listen to ‘reply’.  Highly effective leaders normally will listen first, feedback later.

2 – Be direct but respect others

There must be objectives of a meeting or even a quick discussion.  When it is your turn to feedback, be direct but speak politely.  You don’t have to raise your voice.  Check out the opportunities behind the problems.  Allow crazy ideas to flow.  When required, give your opinions with some examples so that the other person or the team understand better.

3 – Stay Present

Whenever you are invited to a meeting or a discussion; stay for the session.  If you are walking in and out, you have to think twice before you feedback because you may have missed some important information in between.  Don’t assume, you may ask if you are unsure.

  4 – Be Professional

Keep your speech and gestures as professional as possible.  Watch your tonality and avoid harsh body language.  When you want to feedback, you may raise your hand or asked if you could say something.  Professionals don’t shout or talk unnecessarily.