Effective Leadership

Good Leaders are Great at motivating their Team. They make sure that their team have innovative ideas and always be there for them. Nevertheless, there are, of course, many other things a Great Leader can and must pay attention to – in order to be an Effective Leader. Transparency and communication are qualities that are … [Read more…]

5 Reasons WHY Businesses Fail

Creating and building a Company look easy; neither it is something can happen overnight. It takes a lot of planning [what I mean is Strategic Planning]. To create, manage and makes money are important in any business. These are the TOP 7 Reasons WHY Most Businesses Fail:- Do It Yourself One of the Biggest Problem … [Read more…]


When a person is happy, this person is already successful. WHY? How many of you want to work with happy people? But, how to be happy? Most people will ‘try’ to find out their weaknesses and polish them so that they can be perfect! In fact, what we have to do is to understand that … [Read more…]