Most of my friends knew that I have just completed my book.  I have a story to share…

I always wanted to write a book; I love sharing.  It’s my passion! Some of you who has visited my website or blog… you may already knew that I have written hundreds of articles.

The problem with writing a book is … I am a Perfectionist… so it took me ‘forever’ to finalize my topic because I ‘was afraid’ that I missed out something in my book.  So… I waited or you can say that I procrastinated *laughs*

Last Saturday (9 July 2016); I went for a Hong Kong movie in the morning with my sister; and we spent 2-3 hours in a Health and Beauty Exhibition.  It was a tiring afternoon, as we walked a lot.  I took a nap when I reached home and I woke up at about 8pm.  Out of a sudden; I had a thought – I ‘think’ I have some ideas on what my book should talk about.  Without further delay, I immediately switch on my laptop and keep typing until about 1am.

On Sunday (10 July 2016) – family day! Again, it was too much fun and I had to take a nap in the evening and woke up at 7pm.  Honestly, I seldom sleep at those odd hours (only happened that particular weekend). I continued to type until about 12midnight.  I told myself that I should rest (the book… has a long way to go… that’s what I thought)

The next morning (11 July 2016), I woke up at 6am and I took a shower… preparing myself for the day.  Hmmm… at 7am++ I was quite sleepy (due to last night’s work); I had no idea why, I took out my laptop again and continued to type.  I looked at the clock, it showed 10.50am.  I have completed the 1st draft of my book…

What???!!!  I couldn’t believe it myself!

I took a deep breath and calculated how many hours I have spent to prepare the manuscript.  It was less than 15 hours.  I re-look at the whole sequence and I converted it to PDF – to have a feel of it.  Wow, I made it!

It took me years to think of what to write, it took me years to come out with topics and contents… nothing happened.  And the universe sent me an ‘APP’ and I managed to do this in 15 hours.  This is unbelievable!

Some of you must be thinking that I am trying to make up stories to impress you.  I don’t have to.  I am not here to boost about how fast I can write/type a book.  I just want to share my story.  I didn’t realize that I had such potential.

I took things for granted.  I wasted my time ‘trying’ to come out with a ‘perfect’ book.  I was worried that I am not good enough.  I didn’t appreciate myself.  I procrastinate.  I wasted my own precious time.  I allowed myself to self-sabotage my own success!  This is my confession.

To those who always wanted to write a book – I would personally encourage you to start now.  It’s not about 15 hours; it’s about sharing your previous knowledge and experiences with people around the world.  Your story may inspire someone… Your experiences may help someone… Your personality may be the role model of someone… Your book may be the greatest tool to go round the world to reach more people.

I may not be the best advisor or teacher to guide you how to write your book; all I know is… a book teaches someone something.  To add value to other people and make the world a better place – you can write a book and you have to read a lot of books too.

3 learnings that I want to share with you today :-

1 – Do not procrastinate

2 – Complete what you start

3 – You are always ‘good’ enough…

Have faith, have fun.

Khing Wong