Recently, I have a friend who asked me WHY I turn my clients into ‘real friends’.  The reason is simple – I want to see people grow in both areas – Personal and Business/Career.  Personally, I am not keen to create a “client-coach” relationship and … to “END” the relationship after the contract ends.  Therefore, I care about those who choose to work with me and I turned them into my friends.  Allow me to share some tips with you 🙂


1 – They are Human Beings

When we are dealing with other Human Beings, we have to understand that they have mood and emotions too.  We have to listen to them, care for their needs and understand why they choose to work with us.  There must be a certain level of TRUST, so it’s essential for us to treat them well.

2 – They have ‘their own stories’ too

Each of us have stories.  It’s either real or make-up stories. It could be our beliefs or past conditioning.  Most of the time we are very convinced with the stories because that’s what we thought it was.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to stories.  We judge a situation based on our own thoughts.  Therefore, it’s essential that we listen to their stories and see how we can help them to fix certain things in life.

3 – They have dreams

When someone trust you, they will tell you their dreams.  Same goes to your clients.  Ask them how you can help them to achieve their dreams.  Show them what you can do for them, step by step.

4 – They need your help

When someone decided to PAY you, they have certain trust in you.  Either you are likeable or you are capable.  Help them with heart.  Listen to them.  They may be lost, they may be confused.  Ground them and do your work!

5 – They need someone to PUSH them to get results

Not many people are willing to pay for coaching.  If they are willing to PAY, means they need to see results in their lives.  If they choose to PAY you, they want you to PUSH them to get the results that they want.  When you treat them as friends, you remove the ‘wall’ between a coach and a client.  They will achieve greater results.

6 – They deserve to achieve more

Each of us have our own potentials.  Most of the time, we need someone to check on our progress so that we can do more!  Help your clients to unleash their hidden potentials.  Celebrate all wins together!

7 – They could be your next business associate/partner

Clients – friends – business associate/partner = this is absolutely possible!

When someone TRUST you and you have spent certain amount of time together during the coaching process and achieving the desired results… that person whom you turned from client to a friend is ALL READY to work with you AGAIN and AGAIN.

Many people choose to work with me because I pay attention to what they say and I allow them to be vulnerable in front of me.  I love to do business with people who open up and sincere.  This is why I enjoy what I am doing – Making a ‘difference’ in other people’s lives.

Happy Coaching!