When a person is happy, this person is already successful.


How many of you want to work with happy people?

But, how to be happy?

Most people will ‘try’ to find out their weaknesses and polish them so that they can be perfect!

In fact, what we have to do is to understand that everyone has weaknesses.  What we can do is to manage our weaknesses and POLISH OUR STRENGTHS.

Play with your strengths and find out what you LIKE TO DO.

Just like when you are finding out what your kids like to do.  See what they can do well, get them to do more.

Do they like to sing? Encourage them to sing more!

Do they like to draw? Get them to keep drawing!

Same goes to you and me!

For me, I love writing … so I keep writing.

I enjoy singing… so I keep singing although my voice is not perfect… this is just what I enjoy and I am happy.

Most people would measure SUCCESS with the big achievements; receiving an award, winning a competition, buying a big car, wearing an expensive watch – but LOOK! Not everything is measured with $$$.

When you look at Successful people, they don’t really care about money; they are more concern about the society and the other aspects of their lives.  Freedom can be one of it. You can be rich but if you are not free, that’s a problem.  You can be wealthy but if you are not happy, that’s another problem.

You can determine your own meaning of SUCCESS.

You lead your own life, got it?