Effective Leadership

Good Leaders are Great at motivating their Team. They make sure that their team have innovative ideas and always be there for them. Nevertheless, there are, of course, many other things a Great Leader can and must pay attention to – in order to be an Effective Leader. Transparency and communication are qualities that are very valuable as both a Leader and Owner of a Company. These promote a climate of Trust, Credibility, Loyalty, and Legitimacy in the business.

Do you have a Vision?

A Leader with a Vision has a CLEAR PICTURE of where to go and how to achieve that Goal. However, that “alone” is not enough. As a Leader, you have to share your ideas with others. Additionally, you must create a Vision, Communicate the vision, Pursue it with burning ambition, and Drive it to Completion. What’s more, you must be prepared to communicate your vision in a way that your team will believe. To do this, clear and Passionate Words.

Take Action

When you have a Vision, you must also be able to implement it. A good Leader does not suffer from “Paralysis of Analysis” but Take Ac tions to achieve the Vision. As a Leader, you need to be able to Inspire your Team. Be the Engine that Drives New Ideas. If this engine fails, the whole project comes to a halt. This gives you a great deal of responsibility, but you can also do a great deal of work. 

Would you say that you are always pushing and completing tasks with the necessary time and energy? A Good Leader does everything to take the next step in the direction of vision and is thus setting a good example. So, you will need to show your team that there are always opportunities to achieve something big.

Exceed all expectations

Here, no explanation is needed. A Good Leader manages to exceed the expectations that have been placed on the business. So, always pursue improvement and excellence.

Integrity and Fairness

A person of Integrity represents Privately and Publicly the same values. As a Leader, you will need to provide trustworthiness. That means: Honest behavior, predictable reactions, Controlled Emotions and ‘no screaming’. A Leader with balanced integrity is much more tangible to their team. It is also important to be fair. Fairness means measuring others consistently with equal measure. A Leader must hear all opinions before making judgments or decisions without the necessary information.

Be Open

That means Listening and Being Open to New Ideas – even if they are not necessarily in line with your current thinking. Good leaders are capable of accepting, taking up and applying ideas from employees. Openness builds mutual respect and trust between boss and employees. As a result, the team always has fresh ideas. 

Creativity Wins!

The ability to “Think Outside the Box” is important as a Leader when in-depth solutions to a problem are needed. Creativity allows you to see things that others do not see. This then allows the team to be redirected in new directions. The most important question you can ask is, “What if …?” The worst thing you can say is, “I know, that’s probably a stupid question …”

Keep Learning

To be a Leader with Global Competencies, very specialized knowledge is needed. You must know [or expected to know] all the tools required by the current competitive world to respond adequately at work. This means that you must also know how to listen to the World. This is a quality that allows you to further understand the direction of the company. You cannot sit around waiting for others to tell you before hearing about the latest happenings in your industry. Keep Learning.