GEN-Y as Customers

GEN-Y is a generation where there were told that they could change the world. Since born, most of them are being pampered with a ‘colorful world’, the best of technologies, creative and fun environment, freedom to express themselves and most of their parents would provide all the luxury for them to enjoy. Well; this may not be applicable to all but most of the Gen-Y are being spoiled 🙂

GEN-Y are more to the ‘real-world’ consumers, as they are not very particular about being ‘professional’ or ‘formal’ when promoting product/service. They are more concern on the ‘conveniences’ when purchasing the product/service (e.g. online purchase, instant delivery, etc) and they are generally being influenced by their friends when it comes to purchasing.

Most of the GEN-Y is not required to pay for their household expenses (e.g. rental, loans, etc); as their parents have already prepared a house to stay, a car to drive, and food to eat at home). They are more to the ‘lifestyle’ they prefer; they ‘may’ not need to think of how to make a living to support their family expenses.

Moreover, although they know that the world is challenging but they are not worried because they are born to make changes and enjoy life.

To retain GEN-Y as customers, we must always be creative, be innovative, offer them ‘Lifestyle’ according to their needs, be creative, innovate fun things, invite them to participate in exciting activities, do things that grab their attention or alternatively you can use their ‘idol’ to influence them.

It’s fun to have GEN-Y with us because they are very energetic, fresh and active. They keep the world moving in a creative way too!