Being a people-oriented person, I always believe in treating others well.  When you just started a business – you probably do things alone… as you grow and when you expand your business; you will probably have a team of people working with you.

In general, your staff spend an average of between 4 – 10 hours at work.  That’s a LOT!  That means their entire morning and afternoon are stuck at work – whether it’s in the office or running around to help you grow your business.

I always tell my clients that they have to treat their people well and treasure them like own family members.  We have to nurture our team because they are there to share our workload so that we can work on other strategies in business.

Allow me to share 3 simple reasons why you should treat your employees like your own family members:-

1 – You see them more than you see your family

Seriously… if you work 6-8 hours a day, you have to communicate with your team frequently – either in discussions, meetings or even lunch together… that’s how much you are seeing your people in a day!  Instead of being bossy, treat them well and they will work harder to meet your goals.

2 – They work hard for you, so that you can do more things

Each person in an organization will have their own tasks – same goes to you.  If you want to grow your business, you have to delegate or assign different tasks to your team.  You have to TRUST them and empower them at all times.  Once they know that you trust them; they will do more and you’ll definitely see an increase in productivity.

3 – They help you to achieve your mission and vision

Most companies have their mission and vision statements communicated to their employees.  Once employees understands the Company’s mission and vision; they will know WHY they need to work towards the same goals.  Imagine a group of people who are willing to strive for excellence in achieving your mission and vision; that would definitely speed up your successes.

Some of you probably think that employees should work hard because you PAY them salary.  In fact, it’s not only aboyt the money you pay.  It’s about appreciation, recognition and thank yous.  We all are humans, we have emotions and we want to work in a happy environment.

You want a boss who cares, don’t you?

You want a boss who communicate well, don’t you?

You want a boss who understands you, don’t you?

If you answer YES for the above … your employees would answer YES too!

Nurture them, appreciate them, say THANK YOU to them, celebrate successes together and most importantly — care for them!  At the end of the day, everyone strives for Work. Life. Balance.  If they are happy at work, they will be happy  at home… means they will find a BALANCE in everything.

Be a great boss, always!