It is very easy to ask other people to FOCUS!

And when it’s our turn to FOCUS, and when we just have too many things to do at one GO – we are the one who is struggling to FOCUS.

Looking at the tasks we have in hands, before making decisions – we have to ask ourselves a few simple questions as below:-

What should I FOCUS on now?

Are we focusing on things that we can control or are we focusing on things that we can’t control?

What do we have now and what are we missing?

Are we focusing on the past, present or the future?

What’s happening and what’s going to happen?

The best part is, normally we FOCUS on the things that WE DON’T WANT.


I don’t want to be poor.

I don’t want to see him.

I don’t want to go there.

All the above, are related to ‘feelings’. We are human beings with ‘feelings’ – when we do not want something, we input ‘feelings’ into the ‘don’t wants’.

So, what should we do?

Change your FOCUS.

Some of you may have heard “What you FOCUS expands”

If you FOCUS on bad things – bad things are likely to come.

If you FOCUS on good things – good things are on their way …

Take things to the next level.

FOCUS on one thing at one time (if you can’t do a few).

For a start, FOCUS on the process, not the results.

Our actions are controlled by our emotions, all the time.

Our actions are controlled by our energy too!

Train yourself to be active!

FOCUS, take actions and keep doing until you get to the RIGHT results.