I’m Turning 40

I want to talk about HOW is it feel like to be ‘almost” Forty (for me).  This article is very personal to me; and yet, I feel so much Greatness around me now; compared to other ‘numbers’ of birthdays that I’ve celebrated.  


OPP has controlled half of my life!! I slept with ‘worries’ and unnecessary ‘fear’ that was not even real.  All are just words from other people who care-less about my Success and waiting for a chance to watch Dramas of my life.  

NOW – Keep your Opinions, I’m living my LIFE and I hope you enjoy yours!


Some of you may know that I’m a fan of watches, bags and accessories. 

I only carry one small little sling bag every day, keeping my necessities and a simple life.  

Note:  I still like to ‘window-shopping’ with thoughts of buying some luxury items from time to time; but just ‘forget’ about it at the end of the day.  


I say what I want to say, “honestly” I want to be as honest as I could.  Most people (including myself) want to hear something nice or sweet. I understand.  Who wants to say something bad bluntly, right? 

Keep it Short – I tell you how I feel (nicely) — that’s how I feel and I care about you. 


Be Simple — it’s all in your Head!  The simpler I become, Life looks easier!

5 – I exit from Group Chats and Unfriend friends too

Last year, I exited between 50 – 80 Whatsapp Group Chats.  I just feel that I don’t need so much distractions and I don’t really contribute to the Group Chats.  Say a Proper Good-bye and Bye-Bye!


I ensure that I learn everyday.  Everything I experience, is a learning; be it big or small.  I read, I watch TV, I scroll on my phone — I’m constantly learning.  I go to workshops, I go to seminars; I learn and I grow. I teach and I learn too!  Life is Amazing isn’t it? Learning Opportunities is everywhere. Love it!

7 – I do things to make myself Happy

I don’t wait for People to make me Happy.  I post funny posts on Facebook, I feel Happy.  I post a nice photo on Instagram, I feel Happy.  I give Trainings, I feel Happy. I meet my clients and we talk about things, I feel Happy.  When my students achieve some successes, I feel Happy. HAPPINESS is truly a Great Ingredient in Life.

8 – I count my Blessings, not my Troubles

I’d a lot of troubles in my life (especially 10 years+ ago).  It took me years to build myself and build what I have today. Counting my blessings, appreciate little things.  I’m truly Grateful, in my very own way. I compare less, I appreciate more. I take less, I give more. I talk more and I listen even more!  God is Great! 

9 – I filtered my Friends, Mentors, Business Partners and Associates

I think I don’t have to explain too much on this one.  I just match my Values with them, if they’re of Good Fit, we’re Good to Go!

10 – My SUCCESS is measured by “myself” not others

I’m Grateful, my Success is about being Happy and Grateful in Life.  I’m doing what I truly enjoy everyday and spending time with my loved ones, whenever I want to.  I’m living my life with Purpose and Happiness. This is my very own Success Story – I don’t compare with anyone else.

On another note, I want to thank my Mom for her unconditional Love, without her Love; I think I would be doing something else. Being able to Educate, Inspire and Empower people who work with me; I’m extremely Blessed; and being able to be Authentic is a plus point to me; because being REAL and Honest will lead to a more Meaningful Life.

Sending lots of Happiness and Joy to all of you; I’ve a lot of people to Thank; See you soon!